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Why Care About a Hungry World?

Workshop Description:

According to the World Food Program, more than 1 in 10 people in the world go to bed hungry each night. Three hundred and forty-five million people are marching toward starvation, which will worsen because of inflation, currency devaluation, war, and corruption.

If that sounds like too much to handle, let’s remember that through food security, we bring peace around the world. If we don’t invest the money and commit the time, the cost will be a thousand times more, not just because of starvation but also the destabilization of entire nations. So, money well-spent brings people hope in times of hopelessness. We can’t back down now because if we do, we will pay a lot more.

I think the problems we face today are pretty extraordinary, but let’s put this into perspective – we are putting rockets in space and creating powerful computers, and that technology is doing remarkable things. Let’s use that ingenuity to end starvation and hunger around the planet. There is $400 trillion worth of wealth on the planet today. Charity is not the long-term solution, but we are in a crisis now and need everyone’s help. More importantly, we need your engagement. We need engagement, not just money, because if we work together, we can solve this problem.

With $400 trillion worth of wealth on this planet, no child needs to die from hunger.

Caring about the “bottom billion” is not only a matter of morality but also has significant economic, humanitarian, and global implications. Addressing their needs can contribute to a more stable, prosperous, and just world.

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Audience Value

  • Maximize understanding of the problem and its scope
  • Provide specific actions that can be taken
  • Help each person understand how they can contribute

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