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Rotary International and its Impact on Capitalism and Globalization in the Twentieth Century

Workshop Description:

In his intriguing presentation, John Finegan explores the profound influence exerted by Rotary International, a century-old service organization, on the global economic landscape. The talk meticulously dissects Rotary’s pivotal role in fostering entrepreneurship, facilitating cross-border collaborations, and promoting ethical business practices worldwide. It highlights how Rotary’s commitment to ‘Service Above Self’ acts as a moral compass in the capitalist market, subtly influencing it towards a more socially inclusive model. Drawing a comprehensive picture of globalization, John further examines how Rotary’s vast international network has spurred cross-cultural understanding, thereby aiding the seamless integration of economies in an increasingly globalized world. This discourse invites its audience to reimagine Rotary not only as a service organization, but as a transformative catalyst in the realms of capitalism and globalization as well.

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Audience value:

  • Businesses can prioritize ethical practices and community service alongside profit-making.

  • Rotary’s model encourages international cooperation over competition.

  • Rotary’s vast international network promotes cross-cultural understanding.

  • Peaceful societies can foster more stable and prosperous markets.

  • Values can be integrated into capitalist enterprises for long-term success.

What are people saying?

"John Finegan is a gracious and generous guy and a rather remarkable forward-looking leader. I have found him to be diligent, proactive, smart as can be, energetic, creative, and internationally oriented. I admire his initiative and creative thinking!"

Honorable Sidney B. BrooksFederal Judge (retired)

"John Finegan demonstrates effective and caring leadership!"

Professor Ved P. NandaDistinguished University Professor

"John is incredibly knowledgeable and brings a wealth of experience to the table. J ohn is a kind individual and very thoughtful. His positive approach and attitude brightens every engagement."

Rob ScottPresident, Class VI Partners