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The Reflective Leader

Workshop Description:

The popular image of a great leader, especially in the United States, is someone who stands alone, leads from the front of the line, and is all-knowing. But most successful leaders are ordinary people, like you and me, that are human, first and foremost, and that can learn from their mistakes and become wise over time. Therefore, the most crucial characteristic of a leader is the ability to reflect – first, on one’s strengths and weaknesses, on human nature in general, to bring out the best in themselves and others, which builds team spirit. This practical and inspiring workshop explores an approach to leadership that is more effective in the long run through four key areas: (1) the art of reflection, (2) the discovery of purpose and the building of a shared vision, (3) the importance of integrity, and (4) mastering the art of focus.

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Audience value:

  • Maximize personal and organizational effectiveness
  • Improve leadership effectiveness in a volatile world
  • Tap a powerful sense of purpose to reframe in stressful situations
  • Make better decisions as a result of understanding themselves and others better

What are people saying?

"John Finegan is a gracious and generous guy and a rather remarkable forward-looking leader. I have found him to be diligent, proactive, smart as can be, energetic, creative, and internationally oriented. I admire his initiative and creative thinking!"

Honorable Sidney B. BrooksFederal Judge (retired)

"John Finegan demonstrates effective and caring leadership!"

Professor Ved P. NandaDistinguished University Professor

"John is incredibly knowledgeable and brings a wealth of experience to the table. J ohn is a kind individual and very thoughtful. His positive approach and attitude brightens every engagement."

Rob ScottPresident, Class VI Partners