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Executive Coaching and Focused Groups for CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Emerging Leaders

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Joining a Focused Group can be a valuable investment for professionals looking to grow their knowledge, skills, and network. By connecting with peers and sharing experiences, members can gain new insights, identify opportunities for growth and development, and build meaningful relationships with others.

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Successfully guiding CEOs, entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders to bring out their best strategic thinking and make their best business decisions.

A trusted and respected advisor to Chief Executives, John Finegan has over 30 years of global experience providing private companies, government entities, and non-profits with strategy, leadership, and innovation support to support them in making better business decisions.

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At Focused Cloud, we strive to create an environment of thought-provoking continuous life-long learning by tapping into the background, education, and experience of our partners, members, advisors, authors, and experts. We hope, too, that this platform will introduce networking opportunities to our members as well.

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