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John Finegan

Speaker, Author, Coach

Successfully guiding CEOs, entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders to bring out their best strategic thinking and make their best business decisions.

A trusted and respected advisor to Chief Executives, John Finegan has over 30 years of global experience providing private companies, government entities, and non-profits with strategy, leadership, and innovation support to support them in making better business decisions.

The global startup economy is worth $3 trillion today, and startups are no longer concentrated in hubs like Silicon Valley but instead spread across the globe. Assuming failure means liquidating all assets, with investors losing most or all the money they put into the company, the failure rate for startups is 30 to 40 percent, according to many sources. And yet, the use of various incubators, accelerators, consultants, or private peer advisory groups is still not commonplace.

With all that complexity and poor success rate, why do entrepreneurs and CEOs choose to go it alone?

Harvard Business School Professor Ranjay Gulati believes that many startups fail because they don’t have a viable idea or business model. Many fail because they haven’t been able to gain enough traction with customers or are unable to cope with the competition. But some startups, even after successfully traversing market challenges, still don’t manage to survive.

I have spent much of my business career trying to understand these and many other issues facing businesses and nonprofits alike. The problems that business leaders face are almost infinite:

  • How do we spot and attract the right talent?
  • How do we clearly define roles and areas of authority?
  • What is disciplined growth, and how do we define it?
  • How do we grow the team while preserving the culture?

It takes great courage and humility to face these issues and yet move forward with an idea to make the world a better place. Entrepreneurs have to be curious seekers of adventure, learning, and opportunity to be successful. For these and so many reasons, entrepreneurs and business leaders, in general, have become my heroes.

We live in rapidly changing markets. There is a need to step back periodically, reflect upon our organizations, and determine if we are on the right track. The question is, how do we best do this? I created Focused Cloud for that very purpose.

During the last four years, I have provided individual executive coaching and focused groups to help leaders find the answer to these questions, make the best business decisions, and overcome the isolation associated with being a leader. It is an honor to serve these leaders. They continue to be my heroes for their courage and the good they bring to the world.