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Focused Cloud has an approved reseller business relationship for IBM Software.  Our primary area of focus is in the area of security and products known as IBM BigFix® and IBM MaaS360 with Watson™.

IBM MaaS360 with Watson™

Starting at $4.00 USD per client device per month, IBM MaaS360 with Watson™ is the AI approach to unified endpoint management.  By harnessing the power of AI for unified endpoint management (UEM), IBM MaaS360 with Watson™ delivers IT and security leaders the technology needed to manage and secure smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, wearables, and the Internet of Things (IoT). With Watson™, MaaS360 is the only platform that delivers an AI approach to UEM to enable endpoints, end-users, and everything in between — including apps, content, and data.

Delivered from a best-in-class cloud, MaaS360 has earned longstanding recognition for fast, simple, and flexible deployments. Its open platform makes integration with existing apps and infrastructure seamless and straightforward. Around-the-clock customer support and services are available to maximize success and net a quick return on your investment.

IBM® BigFix®: The market-leading endpoint management and security platform

The endpoint landscape changes constantly.  IT infrastructure and security specialists struggle to access current information on operating systems, software versions, application usage and compliance drift on every PC, server, ATM or point-of-sale system across the enterprise. Without effective discovery, deployment and enforcement, the likelihood of a successful endpoint attack grows exponentially. If you can’t see it, you can’t fix it.

BigFix sells for as little as $45.10 USD per client device per year.

IBM acquired BigFix, Inc., a privately-held company based in Emeryville, California on July 20, 2010.

BigFix became part of IBM Software Group– helping organizations more intelligently secure the enterprise by managing and automating security and compliance updates on thousands of computers around the globe.  BigFix software is also critical to IBM’s automation portfolio that controls the ever-expanding data center, including PCs and laptops, in addition to servers, software, storage and physical assets as diverse as cellular sites, water mains and manufacturing equipment.

“IBM is focused on delivering a simplified and automated approach to managing and securing the IT infrastructure,” said Steve Robinson, general manager, IBM Security Solutions.  “With BigFix software integrated with IBM software offerings, IBM clients will be able to more easily manage and secure their PCs and laptops, a complex task as the costs and risks associated with security threats continue to grow.”

Organizations today are challenged with managing thousands of computers and ensuring they are running properly and that the information on them is secure and in compliance with industry and organizational policies and mandates.  BigFix software has built-in intelligence that identifies which devices are not in compliance with policies and recommends security fixes and timely software updates to up to 500,000 machines in a matter of minutes.

With BigFix software, IBM customers can manage the following functions from a single view:

IBM has aggressively pursued a strategy to grow and diversify its security portfolio.  BigFix was the 11th security-related company acquired by IBM.  It began making acquisitions in the security marketplace in 2006.