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Cloud Implementation

Integration of planned solutions into the day-to-day operations of doing business.

This is “where the rubber meets the road.” Strategic plans, proven methodologies, and systems designs are essential to making a smooth transition into the world of information technology. Solid preparation of employees makes adapting to change easier and faster for the entire organization. But the bottom line is: Will it work?

Focused Cloud offers specialized services for the integration and implementation of new or enhanced information technology solutions. Our consultants are knowledgeable on a variety of platforms, operating systems, programming languages, and network architectures.

Installation of a new information system often requires full-time support from Focused Cloud consultants. They assist clients in the complex tasks involved with software development, implementation, and modification-all through the application of proven methodologies. They manage projects such as network installations, computer/telephony integration, and groupware systems.

When the configuration and installation and implementation are complete, Focused Cloud people make sure that every system and software program is up and running according to plan…the strategic plan. That networks are networking. That computers and telephones are communicating. That applications are functioning.

But more important than the boxes and connectors and monitors are the people who use them. Throughout the entire process, Focused Cloud maintains an acute awareness that everything has to be planned and designed around the human factor – that technology is merely a tool and it’s the people who make your business work.

Isn’t it time for your people to meet our people?