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Cloud Consulting

Developing new and improved methodologies that will meet your business plan.

Think of it as “playing by a new set of rules.” Digital disruption occurs when new entrants upend incumbents to re-write the competitive rules. Because a new or modified strategic plan will likely change the way an organization and its people work – as individuals, as groups, and as a whole – a new set of business disciplines and methodologies is required. In support of this new corporate culture, Focused Cloud assists its clients in conceiving an Information Architecture and developing a systems infrastructure which redirects the ways people and technology interface.

Because information systems can no longer be isolated from other areas of the business, methods must be identified which support the strategic plan and increase the value of the investment in technology. A properly developed architecture reduces the number of design and implementation alternatives, facilitates system integration issues, and leads decision-makers to the appropriate organizational and technological choices.

With input from the people who will use the technology, Focused Cloud assists management in formulating a new Information Architecture. It consists of principles, components, processes, and building blocks which meet the needs of the organization. A plan for systems enhancement, augmentation, or reengineering is then prepared.

It is essential to integrate new technologies and processes while protecting information assets against various risks. Focused Cloud evaluates key issues, including: data ownership and security; access and sharing requirements; systems development and maintenance; disaster protection and recovery. Information needs and risks, their potential impact, emergency responses, and recovery strategies are incorporated into the design of new technologies and processes.

Focused Cloud consultants are experienced in evaluating and choosing Information Architectures that address the uniqueness of each client organization. We help develop solutions appropriate for the tasks at hand and design a program to assure that the people who apply those solutions are fully trained and competent.