The Experience

Every level of leadership can benefit from the fresh perspectives of a peer advisory group and executive mentor. It’s a proven way to drive better results and professional growth. We offer programs designed for all levels of leadership, starting at the top.

As a Chair, my job is to facilitate a confidential peer advisory group meeting each month with 12-16 executives from non-competing industries. Our monthly meetings include an outside keynote speaker on a relevant topic, a host presentation, and the processing of opportunities and challenges for our members. Members discuss their most pressing issues and opportunities, gathering insights from those who’ve tackled similar situations.

Between group meetings, I connect one to one with each member for a deeper dive into their unique challenges. Vistage provides me with a time-tested model and world-class support that delivers proven results.

Find out why our members rely on their peer advisory groups to help them make critical decisions, face their greatest challenges and explore their biggest opportunities.

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